Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You Fail At Professions If...

And once again it is everyone's favourite day, Fail Day. Yes every Tuesday we get to celebrate anyone and everyone who fails at WoW. This week we go to something so elementary I would believe I would have done it before. Of course, Tehman pointed out that I have not yet done it as a topic. So now sit back because it is time to feel better about yourself.

You Fail At Professions If...
  • None of your professions are maxed
  • You complain you have no gold and yet all of your profession cooldowns are never used
  • Your rings are not enchanted and you are an enchanter
  • You don't use the extra sockets Blacksmithing gives
  • You have 0 JC gems as a JC
  • You are missing the glove boost as an Engineer
  • Your cloak is not embroidered as a Tailor
  • You dont use the Leatherworking Enchant
  • You have no shoulder enchant as a Inscriptionist
  • You have not learned all the seondary Professions
  • You think queuing as a tank should give you some sort of socket bonus since this is how you make your gold
  • You think Archaelogy is fun and enjoyable
  • You think you shouldn't have to pay someone for clicking a button if it was your mats
  • You believe begging is a profession
and finally
  • You have a turtle mount, because I hate you for it
And there you have it, this week's edition of fail. Hope you all got a good laugh. Good luck on this Free Loot Tuesday, may all the drops you seek be sharded or given to the ret pally for some unknown purpose. Just kidding...


  1. LOL nice stab at the call to arms thing

  2. Damn those ret pallies stealing everything...

  3. I actually got my turtle mount last week, and i have to say it's awesome!!!! you're really missing out Gauss.