Tuesday, April 26, 2011

You Fail At Patch 4.1 If...

So it is Tuesday which means another Fail Day is upon us. This Fail Day is more special than others ones for the obvious fact that is Patch Day. So obviously on such a special day I would have to point out the ways to fail. It is just my service to all of you.

You Fail At Patch 4.1 If...
  • You expect that you will be able to log on with no issues and play like any other day.
  • You are still complaining that the 140 valor points thing for ZG and ZA is getting put in
  • You are saying the buffs to frost mages are proof that they are not overpowered in PvP
  • You now are so much better at arms because you don't have to watch rend. It just proves you were just horrible
  • You were one of the people that needed the heroic nerfs
  • You think guild challenges will actually be hard
  • You are complaining the guild profession achievement numbers are still way too high
  • You were stockpiling maelstrom crystals to sell today
  • You are still overstacking resilience
  • You are queuing as tank or healer in a DPS spec just so you can get the Bag
  • You don't take part in the Stanglethorn questline
  • You are going on an on about how they just changed the colours of old mounts to make yours worthless
  • You ever say again how it is hard to find a guild that is recruiting
  • You are still complaining there is nothing no to find with archaeology
and finally
  • You haven't updated any of your addons
There you have it all your guide to not fail at 4.1. Happy Patch Day and good look trying to make this a free loot Tuesday.

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