Saturday, April 2, 2011

What Would Be Your Guild Challenge?

So today is Saturday and I don't normally post on Saturday, but for those who didn't notice I didn't post the Reader Post yesterday. Now anyone who email me and asked if anything was wrong got quite the surprise when they got my Apirl Fools Day reply. No I am not quiting the game and no longer writing on this blog. I had a good time with it, I hope all those who got fooled did as well. So back to what the Reader Post was about this week. I asked you all to send in what you think would be a good guild challenge. So here is what some of you came up with.

I think a great idea for a guild challenge would be a server wide challenge. Like say the most raid bosses a guild can kill on a Tuesday compared to the other guilds Or the most bossed killed in a week. Or say the most arena matches won, or the most rated battlegrounds. I think making the server more competitive would be a great way to make guilds have a reason to strive to be the best at any certain aspect they are focusing on.

Timed run challenges are a great idea, but they would have to save times each week to force a guild to improve. So say you completed a run in 6 hours to get the challenge bonus the next week or whatever you would have to beat that record. The same could go for boss kills. This would then be forcing guilds to improve and rewarding them for doing so.

World Honorable kills. Blizzard is looking for a way to make world PvP come back isn't this the perfect opportunity to make it happen? Make one of the guild challenges to be to get such and such a number of World honorable kills. This really is an amazing way to make people participate.

Gold made per week is an interesting idea. Also wouldn't be that hard to implement, and also would stop people from using auction house alts to hide their sales, because they would want the guild to get rewarded for their escapades. So it is win-win. Would clean up the auction house and would reward guilds at the same time.

For leveling guilds could put in something about number of character levels gained on a weekly basis. Yes this would be unfair to smaller guilds and guilds who have no characters leveling, but like I said would reward leveling guilds for the most part. Remember if people want to be rewarded a challenge then they should have to work for it. Not just make challenges that everyone can do without any though whatsoever.

And there you have it. Some of them if not all of them are good ideas, and I agree completely with the last one. A challenge shouldn't be something that can be completed by everyone, which is the very reason the raid challenge is only one boss, which is completely retarded. If you are interested in contributing to the Reader Post look for next week's topic tomorrow during Ask Gauss.


  1. Ya I was pretty sure it was Apirl fools when I got the reply saying you were quiting the game and your blog. I really like the idea of server competitiveness

  2. Server competition is the only way this just isn't a way to just get guild xp and gold and will be even for everyone. Meaning why not just make the daily cap higher