Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Area?

So some exploring on the PTR  from some have found this area, it is found between Feralas and Silithus in the mountains in the area. It seems to be some sort of resort area where people are sitting around enjoying themselves in one way or another. They are marked as Gatgetzan faction, so neutral, meaning Alliance and Horde will be able to explore this area whatever the purpose of it may be. Who knows it may be associated with a holiday or something like that, but who really knows. What you can see is one of Silverpine and Hillsbrad's favourite NPCs is back. Yes, Johnny Awesome seems to have returned in this area and for what reason who really knows. Let's just hope we done have to save him and his sparkle pony and he is just their on his vacation.


  1. I love johnny awesome his poor pony...

  2. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS NEWS!! :D Johnny Awesome is the MAN. (or...woman, according to that one Forsaken guy.)

  3. Too bad they cant bring Orkus back :(