Thursday, April 28, 2011

Firelands Just Wow

So I said when the screenshots came out for the Firelands that I was beyond impressed with what they did with the zone. It was done in such a way that it was intimidating but not completely overdone, which to me is the perfect balance. Now yesterday Blizzard released "Through the Fire and the Flames" with this description.

Feast your eyes on the adventures that await when World of Warcraft patch 4.2 takes you through the fire and flames and into the Firelands.

Now why did they say that? Because they released these two videos

This is the daily quest preview which is showcasing the zone. What I find extremely interesting is that at one point you see the quest givers. It seems Maiev is there. Now it could just be someone dressed in the same getup, but why would Blizzard do that with such a trademark lore character?

This is, of course, the raid preview. Looks as if the bosses have encounters that don't seem too simple at least by the looks of things. Fandral looks pretty awesome, was that scorpion form? The two Magmaws before Ragnaros is a pretty interesting touch and his new model looks extremely intimidating. I remember the first time Ragnaros was sent back to the plane for us. I can only imagine how epic it will feel this time to actually really kill him on his home turf at full power.

So you see the zone and the raid. I don't know how you can say it doesn't look awesome. Through the Fire and the Flames I cannot wait.


  1. Wow Ragnaros looks amazing. It is not suprising Blizzard wants to show off this area it is probably the best they have ever created.