Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Hard to believe not only is the weekend almost over but the month of June is. Seriously just a couple of days to Canada Day! Not all of you are Canadian though so might as well skip on trying to explain everything about that today and do what I do best on Sundays. That being answering some questions. So here we go!

Do you think Blizzard is going to have a huge problem with the fact Terrans are not doing so well in the Global rankings of SC2?

I think it is a concern. The Problems with Terrans though are very hard to fix. Small buffs to the race in general can turn the tide in not the smallest way. We have seen now what a small decrease in the Widow Mine radius does. I think the problem really is that the micro involved in high end Terran play at the moment is astronomical compared to the other races. Does it mean the players of the other races are worst? No. Just means that currently Terrans are working so much harder in the late game. This has to do with the styles which have been favoured to play. Mech still really isn't a viable option, and sky Terran isn't really something which is easily pulled off without being killed in the process. So I really think in order to balance the game out those are the styleswhich have to be looked at. Right now we are seeing some Terrans adding pieces of Mech to their compositions and if the trend continues I think we may see the race in general make a comeback.

If you could recommend any game for a couple people to play together who aren't the best gamers but just want to have some fun playing what would you say?

Magicka without a doubt. The game is easy and difficult at the same time. It is also hilarious to play and even when you are dying or messing up it is insanely fun. It is also a game which will constantly surprise you, which is always a plus. You can also kill each other endlessly when you are angry or just want to be "that guy". Check it out it may even be on sale for the summer. 

How many games have you purchased through the Steam Summer Sale?

Not enough currently have to get on and make my final choices.

There it is now your Sunday can go on. As always thanks to everyone who sent a question in if I answered it on here or not. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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