Wednesday, June 25, 2014

So, She Collects Knives

Here we are smack dab in the middle of the week once again. Sitting around thinking it was just the weekend the other day and then wondering why the weekend isn't here yet. Of the confusion the middle of the week brings us. Now you may of heard and hopefully did not forget but yesterday was the official last day the Auction House had anything to do with Diablo III anymore. Basically yesterday was the last day you could take things out of your completed tab without them being lost forever. Now the auction houses didn't work out the way they were intending which happens quite a bit in gaming terms. So with that in mind that's where this week's list comes in!

5. Diablo III Auction Houses

Since this is what brought on the topic it should probably make the list no? The Auction Houses were put into Diablo to provide a way for players to trade their gear in a more efficient manner and the option to spend real money through a trusted provided and not go to third party sites. The idea was great and they worked as intended. The problem? The loot of the game had to adapt since there was easy access to upgrades. Drops ended up for the most part being terrible and 95% of your upgrades were bought through the auction house.

4. SimCity Region Play

Maxis tried something different. Instead of the massive cities we were used to building you were tasked with building a region where all the cities were connected. It was a nice touch and it worked, but then there was never the option to build the massive cities you were used to. They have attempted to please the fans but due to graphic limitations of older machines they have not attempted to increase the individual building size for specific cities.

3. Diablo III World Wide Launch

So in theory this was a great plan. Everyone in the world would get the chance to play one of the most anticipated games in history when the servers went live all at the same time 12am PST. The problem? There was so much server traffic no one could get on... Error 37 where were you?

2. Shemue console choice

One of the most expensive games ever created and a game which delivered on every promise it ever made. It is also known as a the best game that hardly anyone got to play. Why? Well it was released on the Dreamcast.

1. Sixaxis Lair Controls

Lair was supposed to be the gateway to the power of the PS3. It had everything you could want in a game. Except the controller it was supposed to showcase caused for horrible controls which made the game near unplayable and maybe one of the most frustrating experiences in gaming one could ever have.

And there is this week's list. Do you have any thoughts? Something to add? Well you know what to do.

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  1. Did Lair not only ruin the gaming company which made it?