Wednesday, June 4, 2014

True Strength Lies Within Me

So this past Sunday's Game of Thrones got me thinking. If we were to match gaming characters vs other gaming characters in say a battle of skill using swords who would come out on top? No other powers or anything like that just pure skill with the blade. So thinking that way eliminated some people who could actually compete on the list. So after many hours of thought this is the list I came up with.

5. Zack Fair

One would ask why Zack makes the list Sephiroth and Cloud do not. Sephiroth is completely genetically engineered to be what he was, while Cloud by his own admission wasn't close to the fighter he was because of his exposure to Mako energy. So with that I went with Zack because honestly have you played the end of Crisis Core?

4.  Caim

Caim is one of the most well trained swordsmen in any game. This point is spoken to again and again about how he has developed his craft by any means necessary. He views every fight as a challenge to learn and this is what makes him dangerous. 


Alucard has speed and strength in the perfect combination. He just knows what has to be done and how to win. He will fight clean or dirty. Whatever it takes to rid the world of the influence of his father.

2. Auron

Auron became the youngest warrior monk in the history of Spira at the age of 25. He views his skills with the blade to be that of an art form. He believes every strike and every swing has a purpose and nothing ever should be put to waste.

1. Heishiro Mitsurugi

In a world where everyone is looking for more power Mitsurugi just wanted to prove he had enough. His only goal has been to prove he is the best in the world always seeking a new challenger. He has yet to find one who could prove him wrong.

There you have it. What do you think? Agree or Disagree let me know whats on your mind.


  1. If we are going on pure talent I think squall and seifer deserve a mention based on their gunblade talents at such a young age

  2. Mitsurugi is probably the only true swordsmen in gaming all the others have something to them. His is pure talent and skill built up over time. I would have to agree with your choice