Thursday, June 12, 2014

But In Fact It Is Just An Ordinary Well

So my computer was having some issues the other day so figured I would just pick something randomly and get to playing it. I saw Final Fantasy Origins in my listed games on my PS3 and figured I had not played the original Final Fantasy in quite some time so figured hey why not.

When I started up the game though I decided that this wouldn't b any normal playthrough and said how fun would it to play with just 4 Black Mages. Obviously not the most balanced party possible but hey it should be fun and think of all the gil I would save not having to buy armor right? Plus what is better then 1 Vivi? Well 4 of course!

The game itself is not an easy game to begin with. More so easier for myself since I have played through it quite a few times and no all the ins and outs of the dungeons and maps. Also knowing the best places to grind out a couple levels before moving on. What I can say to anyone who has ever played through the game before the Marsh Cave was near impossible with the party setup. I didn't quite a number of times trying to grab the Crown.

Now I am a the point heading towards the 3 major boss and my party has an insane amount of firepower being 4 Black Mages now upgraded to Wizard status. So I expect the game to be not to difficult at all from this point on, but that does remain to be seen.

I can say I always enjoy playing these classic games. Now this version of Final Fantasy has slightly upgraded graphics from the 1987 original but they are only up to say Super Nintendo level so nothing special at all. Regardless it is fun and of course gives those memories of the first time you were able to beat and get through certain parts of the game. So who knows maybe my computer having a little hiccup was a good thing.

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  1. Thats awesome I never even thought to play with 4 Black Mages must be hilarious on bosses with flare