Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Sales

Here we are now in the middle of summer, and nothing says summer to the gaming community like sales. Every year around this time there are sales everywhere. The sales could be games which have been out for just a short while or they could be games we have forgotten about and they just happen to be on sale. So what is a gamer to do?

There used to be times when I would go crazy and buy games endless they try to get through them all during the summer. I would spend stupid amounts of money because it was the smart thing to do because the games themselves were on sale. Now I am not going to say it was a bad idea because I did have fun playing all those games. Some of which I never would have bought if they had never gone on sale. So what is the problem you ask?

As I have got older I have realized the the experience playing the game has become much more important to me. I try to do everything possible in games. I never rush through and I sit back an thoroughly enjoy everything I am playing. At times I like to play a game completely out before switching to the next because they I feel like I have experienced everything there was to offer from the game. This could mean getting all the achievements, finding all possible secrets, seeing all possible endings, or anything else which is possible.

This isn't me saying you shouldn't take advantage of the summer sales because you should, but if I could give anyone advice it would be makes sure you are getting everything out of everything you are playing. So maybe you will spend the money and save a bunch, but just don't rush through it to get to the next game. Enjoy your time, be it listening to the score, enjoying the story, or just have fun.

Oh and also make sure to experience the real world every once in awhile as well. Happy summer sales and happy gaming 

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  1. Certainly is a great time to buy some games. I agree it is best to make sure you are going to be satisfied with everything you are getting your hands on though.