Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

So today is Sunday and normally that means it is time for Ask Gauss, but today that is not going to be the case. Doesn't mean I am no longer answering questions just this Sunday I am taking a break from it. Why you may ask? Well today is Father's Day and while most holidays have become more commercialized including this one it really is an important day for me.

While there are so many other things my Father has done this relates to gaming in such a way it is worth mentioning. He was the one who would listen to me endless babble about a game I was interested in when I was little. The would just sit there and wait while I came up with a way for him to buy it for me. Then when I was older it was about borrowing the car so I could get there for a midnight release. He has always known gaming has been apart of my life and truly embraced it.

Even now he is still interested in what I am up to gaming wise. We have discussions about real history and Assassin's Creed or what number Final Fantasy has finally got up to. It's times like these when you can appreciate how lucky you truly are. Or the times we can sit around and play Tiger Woods golf and joke how if only we could do crap like that in real life or how crazy it is at how competitive Wii Sports bowling can be when everyone is involved.

When I was younger maybe I just didn't realize it, but now I see it I am a gamer because that is what I was brought up to be. We may not play the same games that much, but we never stopped being interested in what the other is up to gaming wise, and that really is what it means to be a gamer.
So it is because of all this that I would like to wish my Father a happy Father's Day. As one gamer to another and as a son to a Father. One I am extremely lucky to have.

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