Tuesday, June 10, 2014

You Fail At E3 If...

Fail Day! Normally this time of year it is a great time to be a gamer. You can sit back and see everything which is coming your way, and really this is no change. I did though have a random conversation the other day when someone didn't actually know what E3 was. So hear I am to immortalize that event with Fail Day so here we go.

You Fail At E3 If...
  • You have no idea why E3 is a big deal
  • You believe their is no difference between Gamescom and E3
  • You did not know it is an industry only event
  • You are unsure what trades fair means
  • You don't make a list of all the reveals you want to see every year
  • You don't shake your head at some of the upcoming titles
  • You don't remember how badly Microsoft failed at last years E3
  • You are not familiar with the term "booth babes"
  • You were unaware it is located more often then not in the LA Convention Centre
  • You are excited for the Halo reveal
  • You look forward to the endless amounts of promotional merchandise
  • You say when it is over next year I am buying tickets

And Finally
  • You did not know that E3 was short for Electronic Entertainment Expo
There you have it this week's edition of Fail. Hope you all enjoyed ti and have been watching all the events at this years E3


  1. If you don't watch it?

  2. Reveal nobody wants postal 2. Khul.