Friday, June 20, 2014

Will Curse of Naxxramas Cards Change Anything?

Friday! Got here in a hurry didn't it? So since it is Friday it is time for a Reader Post and I received one from Alexi which was rather interesting and I thought I would share. It has to do with when The Naxx cards are introduced into Hearthstone will it have any effect on the meta of the game with the specific cards we have seen. This is of course based on the facts certain things won't be changing before hand. So sit back and have a read.

All I've seen from the new Naxx cards are things that will maybe improve control warrior vs. druid or zoo vs. handlock, or token shaman and tempo priest will become major archetypes.

But, all of these decks will really just be playing around for fun, because miracle rogues and freeze mages, with the proper draws, will continue to make these matchups unwinnable.

Honestly, the power of a good draw in a miracle rogue makes double innervate into cairne look like a joke. Hell, it makes playing two doomguards in a row look weak.

Same thing with freeze mage. With the correct draw, there simply is no reasonable level of counterplay. Like, double innervate into boulderfist ogre I can finish off with a pyromancer+hunters mark. Problem solved. Double innervate into cairne can be game winning, but it's not quite game breaking, as the druid can find themselves low on cards right off the bat.

It's nothing like miracle rogue and freeze mage. Both of them have now evolved and adapted to the point at which they poke through the consistency ceiling. It's like the molten OTK decks all over again. Hell, Miracle would beat molten OTK quite a lot by being able to play so easily around their health. But, it wasn't really a thing at the time, since the deck was seen as gimmicky and luck based due to a lack of development by the best players.

But it's evolved now, and frost mage is now sticking out too as another one of these decks, that with the correct draw, make the game absolutely unwinnable for most opponents.

The ONLY thing that unseen Naxx cards could do is provide more aggro/defensive tools. Well, buffing aggro just makes this dearth of control decks even worse. Defensive tools? If they counter miracle rogue, they're probably imbalanced, since all we're going to see now are neutral minions.

So, no, I don't think Naxx will change much and I'd rather see a nerf BEFORE Naxx so that I don't have to dream about how nice these Naxxramas decks would be if it weren't for these often unbeatable decks.

I'm tired of it, so tired of it. I want the old tinkmaster/pagle druid/shaman meta back compared to this! Hell, the hunter meta was nicer than this. Sure, there are a lot more decks, but that's because two classes became playable without hunter being popular. So, basically you have a bunch of people screwing around and having fun, ranking up with weird decks because they can, even though they CAN play miracle rogue and don't want to (like me).

There you go something to think about on a Friday! Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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  1. We will have to see all the cards and how people react but I also feel some card changes will have to be done. So we just sit and wait!