Friday, June 27, 2014

Heroes Interacting

Happy Friday everyone! Here I am sitting around still not able to play some Heroes of the Storm. Waiting for non US residents are able to get into play. Now I am not a for sure thing to get in by any means but I do have hope that I will get my shot. Afterall a lot of people I game with are waiting on me to get in so we can play some together. With that in mind Heroes of the Storm has some interesting character interactions in the game and for this week's Reader Post Kenshinryu talks all about it.

So I have been playing Heroes for a couple weeks now and the game plays great and all but some of my favorite things have nothing to do with true gameplay at all. I'd just like to nerd out for a moment but I really -love- when characters from different universes or shows come together. I was smiling a bunch when Raynor got teleported to the Nexus and Uther was there to greet him. While Raynor was all confused thinking he was on a Nexus from the Protoss, Uther had no idea what the heck he was talking about. I really enjoyed that moment. Along with all the other moments they had during training. 

I'd really like to see more interaction with the characters themselves. Kind of like if two characters are in a lane together and they are standing there idling they could have some quick dialog together. 
I dunno just a suggestion but again like I said earlier I'd just like to see more interaction with each characters and see how they act with one another.

I know some characters who are directly connected in their universe talk all the time like Uther and Arthas, Raynor and Kerrigan, and Malfurion and Illidan. I just think it is awesome and hilarious when 2 people who have no connection at all some how come together and have a grand old time. Now I understand the game is still in Alpha and has a long way to go, but this is one of the things I hope they build on. If the game is fun and built right, competitive and all of that jazz just make the characters connect on the simplest level for our enjoyment. 

Now doesn't that make you want to play that much more?

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  1. It is a nice touch. Not 100% needed but a fun addition if they have time they should keep doing it.