Friday, June 6, 2014

Tips For New Heroes Players

Happy Friday everyone! Hope everyone has some good plans for the weekend, always great to have a break every once in awhile. Maybe you were one of the lucky ones to get access to the Heroes of the Storm Alpha and maybe you will be spending some time playing that. With that in mind the submission I picked for this week's Reader Post has all of that in mind. Keglagek shares his tips on what is making Heroes fun for him.

Hey I have been loving the Heroes of the Storm alpha so far, just figured I would say a thing or two I have realized, that helped me enjoy the game a whole lot more!

1) This is not LoL. I came from LoL as a platinum support player. My first few games I went into this game with that mentality. No last hitting, no kills, and trying to be team captain. I very quickly realized that this was not going to work the same. Heroes focuses on team accomplishments, there is no ADC in the spotlight, rather people using their skills together to pull some wicked sick stunts.

2) Rage free zone, bro. Again with that LoL attitude, my first few games, I raged hard. What was so hard about calling MIA's and following pings. The fact of the matter is, death doesn't hit nearly as hard as in other MOBAs. There is no point in raging, as many people may be playing their first game ever, even though the genre has been around, we may be pulling a different player base, it is important to foster a learning environment, and more importantly....a fun environment!

3) Recognize your team members. When someone does something awesome, tell them! This game from what I have seen has a unique opportunity to draw a whole different player base then previous MOBA's, and the sooner we reinforce good habits, the better chances we have at this. Plus, positivity breeds positivity! If you are always calling out good plays, when you do something good, your team may recognize it as well, and that is a good feeling.

4) Have fun! It's a game after all :).

5) There is no META. People already have been claiming what perfect teams are, but that is not what this is all about. Try what you want, try something new! Grab a few friends and try rushing a lane, or running triple supports! Explore the world, and help to create it!

best of luck, see you on the fields of battle!

There you have it thanks Keglagek for his submission and everyone else who sent something in. Hope your weekend is a great one!

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  1. Wish I could play so I could complain about something other than not being able to play