Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Drink Your Goddamn Tea!

Wow didn't the middle of the week just come out of no where. Seemed like the weekend was just here. Even if I cannot believe it though it is Wednesday which means I need to do a list of some sort. So I was sitting here thinking what to do it on. Then I thought to myself wouldn't it be interesting to have real conversation with some of our favourite characters from the games we love. And so here we are my top 5 gaming characters I would love to have a conversation with.

5. Nathan Drake

This would just be one of those conversation which you took talk for hours about things yu have got yourself out of. The places or things hes seen could make this conversation be one of the more interesting you could ever have.

4. Zeratul

Being exiled and providing guidance to the greatest Protoss who ever lived is something which cannot be looked over. Besides hes a Protoss and it would be cool to talk to someone who doesn't have a mouth.

3. Velen

I would just want to see if he feels bad for knowing the entire conflict in Warcraft Lore is basically because of his choices. Does he feel bad and what does he have to say for himself. Also if he knows everything why does he always seem as if he has Jon Snow syndrome.

2. A'ltair lbn-La'Ahad

One of the most skilled fighters in mind and with the blade. He saw so many things throughout the history he lived, what came before and even what the future would bring. The man created a library with no books and just himself. Tell me this wouldn't be amazing.

1. Cid Highwind

First off you would never be short on tea. Every story no matter how dull would be the most entertaining thing you have ever heard. Plus you wouldn't have to worry about your language because obviously to make a point you have to throw in some swear words.

There is this week's list. What do you think? Who would you want to shoot the shit with?


  1. What happens if no one brings you the tea?

  2. Velen would make excuses and say it was for the better. Then when asked about how he didn't know about such and such happening he would have more excuses

  3. I want decard Cain to read me bed time story's from the thomes of the hordrim. -khul