Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Means it is time for pancakes and time to answer some questions. Sometimes even at the same time. Since some of you still wonder how to send in your questions every week for Ask Gauss. You can see all the options on the top right of the page or if you are lazy you can just email them to So with that all done let's answer some of them.

Do you think it is wrong of Blizzard to be charging money for an Alpha game?

Now first of all they are not charging people to play in the Alpha. The invite is free and you are getting access to them game. Now sure there could be costs you have the choice of taking part in if you want access to some more heroes but that doesn't mean it is required. Now I think what you are saying is why not just let everyone have access to everything during the Alpha stages. Now they could do that, but then they wouldn't be testing one pretty important part of the game and that is the buying of skins and heroes. They have also stated any money used during the Alpha will be refunded to your Battlenet balance when the wipe happens. Now this means you could have tried things before and didn't like them and basically you could spend your money on something else the next time. Could also means if the costs go down you could spend less and get the same as you had before(Blizzard has stated the costs would not go up). So honestly I have no problem with it especially and with the wipe you could choose to spend your money differently the next time. So in my books all is well.

Did you happen to see the new Witcher 3 Trailer?

For those who haven't

This trailer may actually be one of the best game trailers I have seen in a long time. It showcases story, gameplay, and general awesomeness. Really dont have anything bad to say about it besides the fact I have to wait till February 24th to actually play it.

So the Horde Chopper Won, surprised?

Not really even if I think there is probably slightly more people worldwide who play Alliance I just think the Horde bike just looked better overall and that is why it won.

There you have it. Thank you to everyone who sent in a question if it was answered on here or not I will get to them. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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  1. That witcher trailer is epic. You are right though too far away