Thursday, June 19, 2014

Reaper Of Souls 2.1 First Look

So not sure if all of you have seen it but there was a huge reveal for the upcoming patch 2.1 for Reaper of Souls. So much new content is coming and I am extremely excited for pretty much everything. So I am going to really go through and state what I have liked from everything they have thrown at us. If you haven't read up on it you can click this to read up on it.


Seasons are a great way to add competition without adding anything new to the game. Sometimes leveling characters is fun and this is a way to make it that way with some rewards. Also the Legendaries converting to non season loot after it is over is a nice touch as well as long as they are not too long this wont be an issue.

Greater Rifts

This is a really a great idea and again a way for people not competing in seasons to have some sort of competition or basically just something to strive towards. Honestly I cannot wait to head into some of these on my Hardcore characters and probably even die a few times doing so.


These make the game less of a grind for what at times seems like a pointless endeavor. Sure you want to get the best gear possible for your characters and kill such and such on such and such a difficulty, but it does get boring. When you add in some form of competition though it becomes much more interesting


So dodge is going away which is sad in some respect, but giving 1 point of armor for every Dexterity will make the survival of Demon Hunters and Monks that much more. I think though this may make some Monks near invincible but that does remain to be seen.

Overall I am really pleased with everything I have read and all these changes will be adding fun to a game I already enjoy quite a bit. So in my eyes this cannot be live soon enough so we all can get some epic competitions and a hell of fun going on.

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  1. I agree it all looks good, but you didn't mention the season only achievements. Which I think are pretty awesome as well