Friday, August 5, 2011

The Fate Of Calia Menethil

It is Friday, Friday.... Ok that wasn't funny and probably gave a lot of you nightmares, and you haven't even slept yet. It is Friday though, which means it is time for the weekly reader post. You know the post of the week where all of you send in your thoughts or ideas for the topic given to you. This week I gave you all the topic of what happened to Calia Menethil, because I know like me, a lot of you are interested in the lore of the game like myself. So lets see what everyone is thinking about this shall we?

There is a SI:7 agent named Calia Hastings. To my knowledge there is no other character in lore with the name Calia and she very well could have changed her name when she crossed the ocean with Jaina during the Third War. I know it seems far fetched that a princess would be secret agent, but it wouldn't be the weirdest thing that has happened.

In the Arthas novel when he is running out of Lordaeron through the secret tunnels he reflects on the other people who knew about the tunnels his mother, father, Faol, Uther, and his sister Calia. He says they are all gone. I know it isn't the best answer, but maybe she was killed during the chaos and that is everything there is too it. This doesn't mean she is not an undead somewhere, but something to think about.

Maybe she actually was taken by Deathwing the person she was about to marry. He is hiding her somewhere as his trump card hostage. Deathwing is the kind of dragon that thinks everything through and always has some sort of backup plan. This could be his diamond in the rough. He is about to be defeated and he shows his cards.

There is a girl in a house where Aliden Perenholde the former leader of Alterac. The girls name is Elysa, but there never really is any story to her. I just feel that every time I have done this quest there is something special about this girl. Perenholde really has no good feelings towards the Menethil because Arthas' father stripped him of his title and kingdom. So there is chaos going on during the Third War Calia runs and is kidnapped by the syndicate. Sounds like it could work to me.

Everyone keeps saying Sylvannas is on her way out some how. I am not sure I believe that because there would need to be someone to replace her. Well what about the true heir to the throne of Lordaeron? That would be Calia Menethil. Many if not all of the forsaken have strong ties to their roots they respect their heritage and having their princess or now their queen back would mean the world to all of them. If someone was going to step forward and take Sylvannas job I couldn't think of anyone better to do so.

There you have it. Thanks to everyone who submitted something . I read every single submission even if I do not post it on here. This weekly post could not be possible if all of you did not help with it. If you would like to participate in next week's post look during Sunday's Ask Gauss post for the next topic, Till then enjoy your weekend everyone.


  1. What happens if Calia is alive and not undead and wishes to have the throne of Lordaeron?

  2. There is also a short story in one of the RPG books where a Forsaken Priest named Trevor who is disenchanted with Sylvanas' ways breaks into the Undercity prisons to free a prisoner, who he greets with "Good evening, my princess." The story ends there, but as an ex-Lordaeron citizen, it's possible this princess is Calia.

    Calia is one of my favorite loose ends, I wrote a big post about her before on this very topic that you may be interested in, Gauss, if you haven't read it before. :D Link:

  3. I read the RPG story but I always wondered if that were later stated to be true a lot of Forsaken still believe in what was Lordaeron, so having the princess in the basement never really sat well with me. But then again they are the Forsaken and for the most part love their Banshee Queen

    I actually did read that when you first published it. I actually quite enjoy your speculation articles as they always get the gears in my head spinning. I actually hope when they bring her back it is in a way that makes sense and with the Deathwing connection I really think Cataclysm is the time for it to happen.

  4. I think the Calia element is one of their strongest unresolved hooks at the moment, for how much it could potentially throw BOTH factions into disarray. If they waste this, I will be sorely disappointed!