Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hated Instances

I was reading today's around Azeroth and it got me thinking. They were talking about instances and players hated doing them. So this really got me thinking. When Cataclysm came out everyone thought or most thought that the instances themselves were challenging, but there really wasn't an instance that players wished the death upon. I am sure many of you are screaming Stonecore, but when I relate this to past instances you will truly understand what I am talking about.

Old Sunken Temple: I don't know if any of you remember what this was like in the start, but trash respawns were quick as hell, and having to have the right alignment of towers although was cool was in practice what hell in an instance was all about. So yes people eventually learned how to do it, but that didn't really matter too much because all of the trash and the maze. People got lost and over course this was before instance maps were around.

Opening of the Dark Portal: Everyone had to do this instance back in the day when they were not really geared for it because they wanted to get into Karazhan. This was hard in its own right, but then everyone in the guild needed to be attuned for Karazhan so this meant endless amounts of runs over and over again, which lead to more and more pain just for this part of the attunement. And of course this lead to...

Shadow Labyrinth: This was not horrible beyond the second boss who mind controlled your part and you ended up killing one another. One would think as the expansion went on this would have gotten easier, but no because when you got more gear you killed one another so fast because in PvE gear you demolished one another and your toons were not smart enough to use abilities that would actually stop you from dying. And if I am complaing about this instance should complain about the randomness of the fears when you were clearing to Murmur

Oculus: When discussing what would be the most hated instance in Wrath I am sure many of you instantly think of Halls of Reflection, but then you must forget how awful Oculus was. There was a time when drakes didn't scale with your item level and part of the reason they changed that was because of peoples hate for this instance. Remember also everyone hated this place so much that when LFD was introduced they had to reward you for actually staying and completely this instance with extra rewards from a bag. They never did this for Halls of Reflection. Also I may hate this more than the average person because of the pain of trying to get the drake achievements and Make it Count before all the drake buffs. I felt complete exhausted and pain whenever the name of this instance was mentioned.

So there we have it. Agree or disagree with me? Regardless I am sure there will be many more instances come that we all late.


  1. I would really just add halls of reflection to the list and probably wailing caverns. Other than that I think you are spot on.

  2. Oh yeah early Wailing Caverns ugh, or the dungeon in Desolace back in the day.

    Great post, brought back memories...not all of the good.

  3. I agree wailing caverns used to be completely awful before the change because you would always be in there with people new to the game. And who the hell thought of an instance where a boss could spawn in like 4 different spots in the middle of a maze.

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