Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You Fail At Overreacting At Something Going Into Another Game If...

Happy Fail Day everyone! You know the day where it is time to feel better about yourself, because someone else is doing or has done something to make you look amazing. I know it is like the very culture of humanity to celebrate such things, which is why I believe Fail Day is such a success. Today my topic is an interesting one because it has to do with something that was announced is going to be in Diablo III. That being having an auction house that you can buy things with real money. Ah yes, so now everyone thinks that this would instantly be put into WoW. There you have it instant topic! So here goes

You Fail At Overreacting At Something Going Into Another Game If...
  • You think this would some how be a bad idea
  • You believe the gold spam and farmers are a great part of the community
  • You don't think people spend real money on the game anyway
  • You think Blizzard is only in it for the money
  • You don't see this as an easy way to make a quick buck off of idiots and morons
  • You think buying things off the auction house in WoW would actually give you an advantage over people
  • You believe this is more about spending money then making it
  • You have no economic insight or background
  • You believe such an implementation would be bad for the in game economy
  • You believe this will increase the number of gold farmers
  • You pull out the "I already pay a subscription" line anytime real money is mentioned
  • You say you will quit the game if this is put in and you actually think people will care
  • You don't think your mom will increase your allowance so you can buy the newest "of the whale" gear
  • You believe you have to take part in it
and finally
  • You think just because something is in one of Blizzard's games it is going to be in another
There you have it this week's edition of fail. Hope you all enjoyed it, and are done going nuts about it. Good luck this reset in whatever your plans are.

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  1. I actually think a real money auction house would be great to have as there wouldn't be idiots posting grey items to clog up the AH. Just seems like it would be better as a whole to create a more stable in game economy that doesn't go up and down like mad.