Thursday, August 18, 2011

Threat And You

I know people have been sending in questions, asking me like crazy about the things coming right at us in 4.3. I just wanted to say that I am not ignoring you all. I am going to be going through them on Ask Gauss so make sure you check out the next Ask Gauss post. I figured I would do it this way because we are not in 4.3 yet and we still don't know everything. So maybe more information will be available and will be able to give more informative answers. With that in mind I decided to look at something which is now live in the game and that is threat.

Threat generated by tanks has been increased from 300% of damage dealt to 500%.

Yes this is live in the game right now. This means that DPSers ability to pull aggro from being "amazing" has been severely reduced. For example if you are a tank and are doing 5k dps  a DPS will have to do 25k dps to match your threat level compared to which it was 15k. To pull off you before they would only have to do 16.5k as melee and 19.5k as range. Compare this to now which is 27.5k as melee and 32.5k as range. Now many are worried that this will make tanking easier, and I think it will be the complete opposite if it is implemented correctly.

Think of it this way. Mobile encounters will be much more of a possibility without them being unfun because of silly threat issues. DPS can do their thing while the tank is still able to do his thing while kiting a boss around. Yes this will make instances easier for the full geared person doing their daily compared to the new tank, but I really think this is just a bonus from the implementation.

Making tanks think more then just mindlessly getting the highest TPS is something that will bring more interest to tanking. Making it something, which can be fun and exciting is the best way to want people to be a tank. No one wants to be the person who is to blame because they may be doing a great job but their threat is just way too low. So I say congrats to Blizzard on bringing fun back to tanking and making it just as interesting and relaxing as the other roles in the game.

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  1. Great post seeing the numbers makes it make much more sense