Monday, August 29, 2011

The Hunt Full Feature

Monday is here everyone so try to not be so depressed. Today though is Machinima Monday the day of the week where I get to showcase a Machinima I believe you all will be interested in. Normally, I would give you a machinima which was probably  3-5 minutes in length, but today I am going to link you to one in 5 parts which total about an hour. This is because this is a Machinima I waited years for and deserves to be watched after all that anticipation. You may remember in the past I linked to the trailers hoping this would finally be finished and it finally has. So without making you wait any longer here is the full feature "The Hunt" by Fubarius.

Hope you all enjoyed the movie and thought it was worth the wait. Thank you to Fubarius for finally finishing it. Good luck everyone on your last day before reset


  1. Worth the wait. Extremely well done

  2. Watched the first part and so hooked for the rest. Thanks for linking this here.