Friday, August 26, 2011

Time To Talk About Fashion

Friday is upon us, and with that brings us to this week's Reader Post. You all know the post each week where I give you all the topic and take your submissions. See now you are following. This week I asked you all what Armor and weapons you will be wearing when you can messes with your gear come 4.3. So let's see what everyone has to say.

First just want to say I have a lot of toons, but with some thought this is what I have come up with. Gnome Warrior: T1 for DPS, and Heroism for Tanking. Not sure what shield I'll use.
Draenei Shaman: 5 Thunder (how many draenei shaman have that set?) for healing, Cyclone for DPS
Human Paladin: I'd love to get the T8 (10 person) set, but that seems to be an issue. Ran Ulduar yesterday, only 1 of the 5 tokens was the right one.
Draenei Paladin: I'd like to finish my T5 set, but I've also got the Soulforge set too.
NE Priest: Hallowed (dungeon set from BC)
Gnome Mage (Frost): Lieutenant Commander's Arcanum (60 pvp set)
Dwarf Hunter: Lieutenant Commander's Pursuance (60 pvp set)
Gnome Priest: Virtuous
Death Knight: Probably the starter green set.
Gnome Warlock: T1
Gnome Rogue: Lieutenant Commander's Guard
Gnome Mage(fire): Not sure, T5 maybe? I'm open to suggestions.
NE Druid: No clue... I'm not terribly fond of any of the sets.
Worgen Druid: She's still too low to hunt up a set for.

Black Mageweave. It is beyond awesome looking and best of all it isn't a tier and almost no one will be wearing it.

My DPS set will be T6. My tank set will be a plate bikini set with a bulwark of azzinoth and a lightsaber looking sword. Cause in my mind nothing says "HEY BUDDY! PICK ON ME!" better than a large spiked shield to the face.

I am a rogue so I'm gonna start with T7 while working at T9, T1, and T2. Everyone is going to be Bloodfang so I don't really intend to use it, but I need to collect all I can regardless.

The red recolour of DK T8* is definitely a set that I want to get if I can find people able to clear Ulduar 25. Beyond that I'm still looking around through various armour models to see what looks good. The Westguard greens* wouldn't be bad at all, but I need to find a helm that doesn't look like it should have a drool cup attached to it.

My mage doesn't have anything armor-wise yet, but she will be using her Quel'Delar, Lens of the Mind again. I'll probably give her the Black Embersilk Robe to make her look sexy until I get her some old tier gear.

Who cares what armor I just know I want to use the Greatsword of Horrid Dreams. That thing is the most epic looing simple sword in the entire game.

My shammy, green dragonscale. I really liked my shammy wearing belly shirt kinda things. It's a tauren I'm no perv.... i just liked the style :P and really hated it when they started looking like warriors with a shield, one handed mace, and heavy armor...

I think I'll go with something rare on this ... The Blessed Regalia of Undead Cleansing. It was one of those sets one could acquire during the event, which introduced Wrath. There's really not an awful lot of sets, that look good on male human casters, but this one does. Imho it also fits really well to mages in particular and I don't expect seeing too many people running around with it. I'm not a big fan of fancy looking armor, such as T6 for instance, so that's a bonus too. Not sure which weapon to wear, though. Would love to equip a staff, but it's not like you have much of a choice about that as a dedicated raider ... if a MH/OH combo is BiS, then you just have to deal with it. Ah well, at least there are a ton of great looking daggers out there to choose from.

There you have it, that is it for this week. Thank you to everyone who submitted something even if I didn't post it with the rest. It seems as though many of you are putting a lot of thought into this and that is great news. If you would like to participate in next week's Reader Post make sure you look for the topic during Sunday's Ask Gauss post. Till then enjoy your weekend!

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