Friday, August 19, 2011

What to make of Alcaz Island?

Friday! The end of the week the day we hope goes nice and fast so we can get to the weekend. Also the day where you can sit down relax and read the Reader Post. You know the post of the week where we hear the readers ideas about the topic at hand. This week I wanted to know what you all think will be going on with Alcaz Island. So without making you wait any longer shall we see what they said.

New dungeon probably, or just a place you visit doing the quests for a quest chain that relates to Deathwing when he comes out. can't see anything else it could be used for. could be a new BG/daily hub like Quel'Danas or Tol Barad, but i highly doubt it.

CoT instance if anything. The word Scenario screams this. It's probably going to end up a 5-man similar to Thrall and Durnholde Keep. Not everyone has read the comics, so not everyone knows how and why Varian just showed up out of the blue.

The Alcaz Island thing is interesting. I hate to burst your bubble though, it's probably nothing worth noting. Some parts of the game have had instanced areas/instance portals since time immemorial the one at the end of Stratholme, and the SW 'Vault' or whatever it was. There's always a chance that they might add something there, but I don't see how they can fit Alcaz Island into the story.     
I really think this is the link to the next expansion. It will be the Neptulon type raid where some how Azshara gets his weapon that controls the seas and someway is able to make it to reveal what is behind the "Mists of Pandaria". So this will be the Ruby Sanctum of Cataclysm.

I think this will be the Darkmoon Faire Island we just heard about. Why? Because it is an island that isn't used since all the quests and such were taken away, and it is the perfect size to create a six flags type theme park! It better have a Roller Coaster because we need more log type rides in this game!
I have a feeling this will be a phased area and have something like a molten front type feel to it. This will be where we will prepare for our voyage to the south seas and prepare ourselves to save the world from Azshara. So this won't be an instance that will lead us into the next expansion, but a focal point to build up our forces for war. Think of it like the pre AQ event where both factions were preparing for war and all of the sudden BOOM. It will will be a pre expansion event that will make all the rest of them look like a joke. And I for one cannot wait for it.

There you have it. Thank you for all the submissions everyone they are very much appreciated. If you are interested in taking part in next week's Reader Post look for the topic during the next Ask Gauss post. Enjoy your weekend everyone!


  1. Wasnt the portal in start to Old School Naxx?

  2. I was just about to say what Mac said.
    I belive if you where to get to the other side of the portal, using some... special ways, you can see a few transporters and stuff.
    ^Video to what it looked like in alpha.