Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gender Ratios

So MMO Champion has been working on a lot of stats lately and the first they have released is the Gender Ratio numbers. Now this is for level 85 characters and some of the results are very surprising to me. Look at the numbers here for the races male to female

Human 66.48% 33.52%
Orc 89.34% 10.66%
Dwarf 86.72% 13.28%
Night Elf 56.2% 43.8%
Undead 77.4% 22.6%
Tauren 85.82% 14.18%
Gnome 69.43% 30.57%
Troll 74.24% 25.76%
Goblin 72.44% 27.56%
Blood Elf 55.05% 44.95%
Draenei 47.73% 52.27%
Worgen 80% 20%

Looking at these numbers some things are rather surprising. One being that dwarf female is not the lowest as it has been stated for years that this is the least played race and gender. What it probably relates to is the fact that more people play orcs than dwarves so the percentage of female dwarves is actually higher. I really think the Blood Elf and Night Elf numbers must be skewed some how. There really is more males than females? Have I been playing on the wrong server to actually change my thoughts on this? I can understand why Draenei Female is higher for the fact that male casting animations and the way their tail design works can be bothersome. Also I always thought there was many more female Undeads, maybe this is because the number of male Undead rogues that I have been unable to see because they must be stealth all the time.

So what is everyone's thoughts on this? Think the way I do or do you completely believe this? 


  1. I am suprised with the tauren female numbers, but I guess since female taurens seem to always be druids so the other class must mess with the numbers here

  2. How in the hell are BE males higher?

  3. I think the reason behind NE and BE males are the Paladin and Druid classes. The great majority of the player base is male and I assume most of them create male characters, although we know many do play female characters. Before Cata, if you wanted to be a Horde Paladin, you had to be BE, and if you wanted to be an Alliance Druid, you had to be NE. Since I doubt a great percentage of the player base actually race/sex changes, their characters remained the same race/gender combo.
    Sure, this is tinfoil hat stuff, but I think it sounds plausible. Still, if I'm right, the percentages of NE males and BE males would be even higher before Cata, it would be interesting to see that info.

  4. That would make sense but I just tend to see a large amount more of female Blood Elf Pallys. I would argue that the Paladin class might have skewed the Tauren numbers even more towards the male side.

    For druids and NEs maybe I just don't know what race they are because whenever i encounter them they always seem to be in form.

  5. I'm really surprised to see that only one race has more females than males, although I guess it would explain why I sometimes felt like the only female Forsaken in the world. (But I can see why the one female-skewed race would be the one it is. Though I generally consider myself straight, my Draenei toon has got to be the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen in my entire life.)