Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Huge News

So in case you didn't know. Over in Germany at Gamescom they made some huge announcements about patch 4.3. So if you don't know what they said you better sit down and prepare yourself.

Cosmetic armor skins

Yes it is true. You may remember I did a post awhile back (found here). This is actually coming true in some form. You will be able to change the appearance of your character with different armor sets. So you will be able to wear your favourite tier set. Instead of the one you are forced to wear with current content. The implementation of this is not detailed, but putting it in with any implementation is something the WoW community has been waiting for, for a long time.

An armor closet to store old gear, freeing up bank space

All I can say is FINALLY. Coming from someone who keeps everything and never wants to get rid of anything, including every tabard I have ever owned. This is something that should have been added to the game a long time ago. Better late then never though. I swear the programmers who finally got this put into the game should all be patting themselves on the back.

Deathwing's raid and three new 5-man dungeons

This is probably the biggest surprise. Deathwing in 4.3! Remember that 4.1 wasn't really a raid tier so this compared to past expansions means the big baddy in the second raiding tier patch. Also it has been stated that one of the 5 mans at least is a CoT instance. Is this the War of the Ancients that everyone has been waiting for? I really hope not was really wanting it to be a raid. On another note does this point to a Sunwell type tier following this? Where we will come face to face with N'Zoth? Only time will tell.

One thing I want to point out is the Star Wars MMO is in place for coming out for the holiday season. Is Blizzard pulling out all the stops in 4.3 to make that games impact the least possible to their player base? It seems to think they are heading that way. Also with Deathwing coming I really think without a question we will get an offical expansion announcement at BlizzCon.

So I know it is a lot to take in, but it is all true so it is ok to be pumped.



    Who cares about some dragon? I finally have a place to put all my tier gear and the freedom to go get the tier 5 with the big freakin' blinking eyeball.

    Yes, Gimm is a happy dwarf today.