Friday, August 12, 2011

Nation's Thoughts On Mists of Pandaria

Friday is here everyone! Ah yes the day that where 90% of our effort is focused on what we are going to do when we are done for the day. So in that spirit of things is this week's Reader Post. We are not going to concern ourselves with the here and now of WoW we are going to look at what you the Readers think this Mists of Pandaria is all about. So lets get to it shall we

It would make more sense for a Warcraft RTS game. WoW expansions haven't been named after a races homeland yet, and if they were going for another new race, you would assume there would be two of them again and naming the game after only one of the races doesn't make sense. Unless they revolve a whole expansion around Panderans as a neutral race and players go to their homeland to fight the evil there.

I have a feeling this is Blizzard's Mysterious project Titan. What better way to introduce the most people thing Blizzard has ever created to the world by making an entire game just about them.

I heard Blizzard is doing a TCG Online game, maybe this is it? Blizzard has never named an expansion after a place, but the Trading Card packs always have been. I really don't think this is a coinsidence at all. I just think everyone wants it to be the next expansion so bad they aren't looking at something which is so obvious.

Think this is the next expansion and a way for Blizzard to introduce a new hero class and another secondary profession "Brewing". They dropped the ball on archaeology so I think this would be the right direction to go. Also I have always wanted to play a pandaren so maybe I am just hoping.

Obviously a decoy before Blizzcon, no way would they do a whole f'ing expansion on pandaria. This is like some April fools joke in August and so many people including you are falling for it. I cannot wait to Blizzcon when I am right and everyone is all stir crazy about this.

There you have it. Some readers opinions about what this Mists of Pandaria think is all about. Thank you to everyone who submitted something and if yours didn't get posted it doesn't mean I didn't read it. As always next week's topic can be seen during this Sunday's Ask Gauss. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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  1. I would love to see the last guys face when they actually announce this as the next expansion at Blizzcon. Everyone was saying the same thing when the name Cataclysm was found.