Tuesday, August 30, 2011

You Fail At Garrosh Lore If...

Oh yes that is right it is Tuesday, which means it is Fail Day. Everyone's favourite day of the week where you find out if you should hang your head in shame for the rest of the week because of your fail. If you haven't been living under a rock for the past couple of Fail days you would know that I am doing a lore type fail day were you basically find out how little or how much you actually know about specific Lore Characters. I have been rotating between Horde and Alliance and that means this week we are back to Horde so here goes.

You Fail At Garrosh Lore If...
  • You didn't know he is the son of the hero Grom Hellscream
  • You don't know what a Mag'har
  • You were unaware he escaped demonic corruption because he suffered from Red Pox and was quarantined in Nagrand.
  • You forgot he was the depressed whimp in the middle of Garadar asking for help during the Burning Crusade
  • You didn't know he had a duel with Thrall during the pre-Wrath events
  • You forgot he started a fight in the Violet Citadel with Varian which had to be broken up by Rhoin
  • You didn't know he was the commander of the Horde Forces in Northrend
  • You are special and didn't know he is the current acting Warchief appointed by Thrall in his absence
  • You were not aware that his new armor was created from the skeleton of Mannaroth
  • You didn't know Garrosh was such an elequent writer when he wrote one to Magatha wishing her a slow and painful death
  • You live under a rock and didn't know he killed Carine with his axe being poisoned without his knowledge by Magatha
  • You don't know what Gorehowl is or that he uses it
  • You think Vol'jin and Garrosh are best pals and go out for beers every weekend
and finally
  • You are unaware that he has some of the best one liners in all of Warcraft
There you have it this week's edition of Fail. Hope you all learned something, and as promised the quote

"Am I a murderer, Krom'gar?"

Good luck on this reset!

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  1. you are right Garrosh has some of the best one liners maybe that is because he cant give a speech?

    You will serve the Horde...or be crushed beneath it!


    Watch your clever mouth, bitch.

    Ah yes that is our Warchief