Thursday, August 4, 2011

Possible Hero Classes

So I really don't think we will see Pandaren be a playable race. The reason is for this to work both sides Horde and Alliance would have to get the opportunity to play as them. This would mean creating a neutral faction something Blizzard has said in the past they don't really want to do. The other reason being not as convincing being there were new races with BC, a new class with Wrath, and new races with Cata, so logically you would say Mists of Pandaria would bring a new class.

So on that idea lets have a little speculation. The last hero class that was put in was a plate wearing melee or tank. So my guess would be the next hero class would be a leather or cloth wearing Range DPS or Healer. Making a hero class that is a healer could accomplish the same ideas why they wanted a hero class as a tank. This would increase the amount of healers in the game. So with this in mind we have 2 possible hero classes which I would assume the Pandaren's would some how teach you to be, since we will not be playing them.

Monk or Brewmaster. A monk would accomplish the healer roll, but would be melee DPS, which doesn't really fill the range roll, but a melee healer wouldn't be an awful idea. The Brewmaster is what Pandaren's are know for more than anything else. If anyone remembers the Warcraft 3 hero he had some kickass DPS with his Earth, Storm, and Fire split. Think talent trees it could work the same way one of them most likely earth being the healing tree. Having a non-Pandaren Brewmaster might be weird, but could still be doable. If I had to choose it would be the Brewmaster. Everyone who thinks Brewmasters would be no something which would scare the enemy at all. Let me remind you of the greatest of the Brewmasters

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  1. Think monk would be a lot more fun. Also would make a staff have a use besides a hunter and a druid just equiping it.