Wednesday, September 21, 2011

5 Mans Look Incredible

Well let me just say that after seeing the preview of the new 5 mans I was nothing short of amazed. If you haven't heard or seen the 3 new 5 mans which are going to be released with 4.3 all surrounding the story of Deathwing are all going to take place in the Caverns of Time. I am going to give you my view on these after just reading them.

End Time

First off yes the instance name is End Time. This is a trip to the future which reveals the world as if Deathwing has won. There is something important to see when you hear this.

Yes Deathwing himself doesn't even survive his future. For those of us that read Twilight of the Aspects this is what Ysera dreamed. As you can see from the screenshot he is impaled on the top of Wyrmrest Temple. In this instance you fight 2 leaders of today chosen from 4. Those being Jaina, Baine, Tyrande, and Sylvanas. I don't really agree with Sylvannas because it seemed at first they were using some lesser used leaders and this would be the perfect time to use everyone's favourite forgotten leader Lor'themar in a role that would not be useful but would at least be something. This is the main point though

"Once these shades have been laid to rest, the maniacal figure blocking Nozdormu's vision will be revealed at the Bronze Dragonshrine. None of the Dragon Aspects could have predicted what entity would have such power to interrupt the sight of the Timeless One… the ability to create a new and infinite dragonflight. Only by destroying a mysterious dragon known as Murozond will you give Azeroth's protectors the opportunity to avoid the potential outcome to which your eyes bear witness."

Now you all obviously should know about Anagrams. It is when you rearrange the letters to get something else from them Murozond is and anagram of Nozdormu. Again we knew he was the leader of the infinite from the Twilight of the Aspects book, but I really didn't think we would deal with it this soon.

Well of Eternity

This is the instance people have been waiting for years, but we aren't there for the reasons we thought we would be. We are hear to retrieve the Dragon Soul so we can use it modern day against Deathwing. In this instance we see a young Illidan and Tyrande and we not only have to make sure the Sundering Actually happens, but at the same time we have to retrieve the Dragon Soul for our future purpose. This instance sounds amazing in every way I just have one knock against it.

Every time I imagined the Well it was so much bigger than it is in this picture. I pictured it the size of a large lake not something as large as say a fountain. I guess I cannot have everything.

Hour of Twilight

Here is the excerpt which explains this instance

"Having shattered the infinite dragonflight and recovered the fabled Dragon Soul, Thrall and his allies must now journey to Wyrmrest Temple and rendezvous with the green, blue, red, and bronze dragonflights. Reaching their destination will be an arduous endeavor: the Twilight's Hammer has amassed its forces near the temple, determined to intercept the Dragon Soul at any cost.The final stage in this series of dungeons is set in the present-day Dragonblight, now under a full invasion by the Twilight's Hammer. Players must escort Thrall and the Dragon Soul safely to Wyrmrest Temple, where the assault on Deathwing is to commence. But the Twilight's Hammer forces are numerous, and their leadership remains strong. Those attacking the temple are commanded by a man known very well for the strength of will he's offered Alliance citizens. Now with his own will broken, he preaches only Deathwing's cataclysmic vision for all life on Azeroth."

So you read it. We will be at Wyrmrest saving the world all the while protecting the most simple of discs, which is now the most important thing in the world. And again the events which occurred in Twilight of the Aspects comes to the forefront when the final boss in the instance is none other than Archbishop Benedictus

So those are the three 5 mans coming. Like I said nothing short of spectacular. I am ready to take part in the them, how about you?


  1. That Deathwing impaling shot is so awesome

  2. anyone else think it is weird the guy who runs the church who is bad is named after the pope?