Tuesday, September 6, 2011

You Fail At Stormrage Brothers Lore If...

It is that day again, yes you know what I am talking about Fail Day. Everyone's favourite day to make them feel better or make them feel like they are that ant that they squashed out on their morning stroll. As has been the custom the last few weeks Fail Day has taken it to the Lore. Today will be no different, except for the fact that it is about two brothers instead of one person. Really though these are probably the most well known brothers in all of Warcraft Lore, the Brothers Stormrage. So why don't we just get to it. Good luck this week on not being Fail.

You Fail At Stormrage Brothers Lore If...
  • You didn't know Malfurion and Illidan were twin brothers
  • You were not aware that Malfurion and Illidan were at one time both training to be the first druids until Illidan decided playing in the dirt wasn't for him
  • You didn't know Illidan was born with amber eyes a sign of greatness among the Night Elves
  • You didn't know Malfurion was the first mortal to ever step into the Emerald Dream
  • You thought Illidan was blind and didn't know he had his eyes burnt out to receive the "gift" of Sargeras
  • You did not know that Illidan and Malfurion were both in love with Tyrande
  • You didn't know Malfurion always thought that Tyrande would chose Illidan
  • You assumed that it was only Malfurion when it was in fact both the brothers that helped close the portal and stopped Sargeras from entering Azeroth
  • You were not aware that Illidan is called the Betrayer because of his creation of a new Well of Eternity
  • You didn't know Malfurion was the one that called for his brother's Imprisonment which lasted 10,00 years
  • You did not know that Arthas was the one who pointed Illidan in the direction of the Skull of Guldan, which in turned turned him into the half Demon half Night Elf form
  • You were  unaware that Malfurion banished Illidan from their homeland when he saw what he had become even if he had defeated the entirety of the legion's forces in the region
  • You didn't know that Illidan saved Tyrande from a death by undead forces and not Malfurion
  • You were not aware that Malfurion and Tyrande are only recently married even if they have been "together" for over 10,000 years. 
and finally
  • You didn't know that the brothers made peace with one another before Illidan left for Outland
There you have it this week's edition of Fail. Hope you learned something at least. Also as promised here are the quotes

"We have had much strife between us, my brother. I have known only ages of hate for you. But, for my part, I wish it to end. From this day forward, let there be peace between us."

Good luck this reset everyone!

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  1. It is posts like this that really makes you wonder if Illidan will be redeemed some how. He always wanted the best but always had the wrong way of doing it.