Friday, September 30, 2011

Looking For Raid

Friday is upon us on this final day of September. What a September it was for WoW announcements. One of the biggest I think though has been the looking for raid and even with the big revelation with it yesterday I still asked for this week's Reader Post how you all think LFR would work. So here goes let's see what you all thought.

I think it may turn out to be worse then pugs for instances. Many people cheat to get the ilvl needed for instances by swapping PvP gear in and around could you imagine what they will do to get into raids? Blizzard also knows this will they then tune the encounters to deal with fail people or will see this as a fluke? I am extremely interested in trying this out so I can raid on some alts this kind of just scares me.

The one plus I see is that you won't get saved so if you happen to be part of a horrible LFR then you will have a chance to try another one. I think this is Blizzard's answer to bad groups. Everyone has been part of a horrible pug before and know it can mess up your heroic imagine if it could mess up your raid for the week? Just think about the forum rage that would erupt from that.

To me having Deathwing available to a LFR difficulty setting I think will take away the epicness. I know they want people to see the content and that is great, but I would really be in favour of them gating LFR to the server based upon what has been killed therefore LFR progression isn't the same as a servers until heroic s get taken care of.

I am kind of disappointed it is only going to be Dragon Soul raid. I was looking forward to finally get my Throne of four widns finally done. No one ever wants to do it after they have done it and it is extremely frustrating since I missed the first month and a half of Cata. Maybe Blizzard just wants to stick with current content though and not open up. Or maybe it is the fact that they don't want to go back and tune LFR for the previous instances.

I think this will be a great system to use as starter guilds or alt runs for guilds that just need to fill a couple spots. Although I am not completely sure how it will work out loot wise.

There you have it that is the Reader Post for the week. As always thank you for all your submissions they are always appreciated as this post would not exist without them. If you are interested in participating check out next week's topic during Sunday's Ask Gauss. Enjoy your weekend everyone!


  1. Aloodanis' damn IPhoneSeptember 30, 2011 at 12:11 PM

    Although I probably will end up using it to gear up a few Alts and that it might be good in the long run, I want to try an avoid LFR as much as possible. I can Stand the occasional horrible LFD group, to an extent, but could not imagine what could happen in LFR.
    24 random people compared to 4 random people scares me...
    At least the worst anyone could encounter is Tombrady, Wally or baggellord.

  2. they could all be in the same raid. *runs for cover and hides in a corner*

  3. Love your blog bro, keep it up :)