Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Is The Interview Real?

So recently there was this interview up on The Escapist. This was an interview that had to do with things coming in 4.3 and future announcements about the game. Now it does seem rather fishy especially since the interview itself was taken down. One thing I find extremely interesting is Blizzard recently had denied any Panda information and then this interview pops up and says they will talk about it at Blizzcon. Also the point being that they would have the raid finder be a completely different difficulty. This seems like a complete pain for them to implement when they could just do what they do for random dungeons and add a luck of the draw type buff. Not to mention they wouldn't offer achievements for raids in the Looking for Raid atmosphere just seems odd to me and completely against what they normally aim for.

Now the announcement in that interview that has got everyone going crazy is this.

There's one more piece which is an announcement that we're releasing a rogue legendary weapon. Specific for rogues, so it will be a dagger. There will be some sort of quest, traditionally we've done these quests that players need to participate in order to create the legendary weapon in this case we'll be focusing on rogues that will try to make that happen.

A rogue dagger? Now I am all for rogues getting a weapon specifically for them. It makes sense especially since rogues used to be one of the most popular classes and now have dipped. What better way to get people back playing the class even if they would probably never get a hold of the weapon. Most would then argue why not do a tanking legendary and get the same effect? Well that is a little more complicated since only 2 tanking classes use shields, 1 uses a staff or polearm, and the other uses two handers. So in order for it to work they would have to force one class over another or make the weapon behave like Quel'delar did. I am not at all a fan of making the weapon have different forms I think it takes away from what the legendary is. So regardless if this interview is true or not having a rogue legendary dagger makes sense and gives a class a real chance at a legendary. Instead of a RNG drop that is all about luck.


  1. I just think people are upset it has been so long since a tanking legendary, that being thunderfury a weapon that hardly anyone got a chance to use in its prime. But then isn't that a point of a legendary anyway?