Thursday, September 15, 2011


There will be some spoilers here so if you don't want to hear them don't read it.

So I finished reading this book. Now I was actually looking forward to reading this because I wanted to see the Alliance finally have someone stand out and take the lead. This did happen, and I am happy about that. The book wasn't written poorly and the story wasn't bad at all. We were introduced to characters that have been away for awhile and the explanation for them fit right in. We finally learn what Jarod Shadowsong and Maiev have been up to.

The main story points are the Worgen joining the Alliance, the Highborne getting integrated back into Night Elf Society, and of course what is going on with Varian. These are all dealt with. I won't give away too much, but for an Alliance character I love what they are doing with Anduin. I think they are building him up to something huge and it is really something the Alliance needs.

So those are the things about the book I did like, and I think it was all pretty well done. For what I didn't like is Knaak makes the Horde out to be savages and evil. This to me is wrong on so many points and not just because I bleed Horde. This is because it is not true. The Warcraft universe is divided between Horde and Alliance but it doesn't mean that one is good and one it bad. I understand that both sides are in conflict, but it doesn't mean one has to want to see the world burn. Yes the Horde is advancing positions but that is only because Garrosh is after resources his people need not because he just wants to slaughter countless Alliance to place on a mantle in his room. I say that because at one point in the book Knaak has Garrosh say just that to Varian. He is going to put his skull on his mantle. Like really?

Overall though it does its part to explain Alliance Lore even with its flaws. Happy reading.  


  1. is the lore in this novel essential? I would hate to read a book based off of Alliance

  2. i believe all of the lore is essential otherwise why would they write the books in the first place