Tuesday, September 27, 2011

You Fail At Genn Greymane Lore If...

Tuesday, means Fail Day! I know you all are excited to see what the topic is today. Of course, you could always just read the title of the post, but what fun would that be really. Since I started the lore series there have been a couple characters people have requested and Genn is one that has been talked about quite a bit. So I decided to cave in a little and give the nation what they want. So here goes

You Fail At Genn Greymane Lore If...
  • You for some reason didn't know he is the current king of Gilneas
  • You didn't know that he is at least 70 years of age
  • You were not aware that he was part of the original creation of the Alliance of Lodaeron
  • You did not know that he had two children Liam and Tess
  • You didn't know his ability to be wrong seems to be non-existent
  • You were not aware that Sylvanas shot and killed Liam in the battle for Gilneas
  • You didn't know he built the Greymane wall through Gilnean land so that it could be linked into the mountains
  • You did not know that his mentioning of where he wanted to build the wall ended up causing a Civil War in his country
  • You were not aware the purpose of the wall was so that Gilneas could be its country country and not be bothered by other nations affairs
  • You didn't know that he was the one who gave Argul permission to summon the original worgen
  • You didn't know he was one of the first to undergo the ritual preformed by the Night Elf druids
  • You did not know that he lead Varian through the same ritual
  •  You were not aware that for a short while after the Cataclysm he was present at the Howling Oak in Darnasuss. This being where the surviving Gilneans settled themselves
and finally
  • You some how did not know that his last words to King Terenas are some of the most famous of those spoken by any Alliance Leader
There it is this week's edition of fail. How fail are you this week? For the quote well I don't there is one better to pick than this one

"Damn the orcs, damn the Alliance, and damn you! The last thing Gilneas needs is sponges from other nations drawing from our resources, Dalaran wizards meddling with our affairs, and someone else's enemies killing our soldiers! Gilneas is its own nation and it always will be. This is the last time I'll ever talk to you, Terenas, so I hope you were listening."

Good luck, it's Free Loot Tuesday!

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  1. I love that quote will always been one of my favourites. Everytime I see Genn now though I cannot help but be sad because he has gone soft