Monday, September 5, 2011

Return of the Highborne

Happy Labour Day everyone! A Monday that people actually look forward to because they get it off. But a Monday is still a Monday. And with Monday's comes Machinima Monday's. Wow how many times did I just say Monday. Everyone knows I am a fan of the game's lore so when you have a machinimator like Melvenor who shows off the games lore in the way it deserves then it is something I will always take a look at. His latest installment of Faces of Cataclysm is Return of the Highborne. The story talking about how the Night Elves of the past came back to help the Night Elves and the Alliance by showing how the arts of the arcane can be useful. Now I am not saying I think this is a bad Machinima, but it definely is not my favourite of the series. Probably mostly because it has Night Elves and the fact that part II with Andorhal was probably one of the best Machinima I have ever seen. I will let you all be the judge. Here it is

Hope you all enjoyed it. Have a great day off if you are lucky enough to have one. Also the last day before reset so make sure you get stuff done!

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  1. I agree this one is good, but the second one was so epic. Maybe it is because the story itself is a better story?