Tuesday, September 13, 2011

You Fail At Sylvanas Windrunner Lore If...

Fail Day! Yes, yes it is here once again. The day of the week where you will feel better or worse depending on your "score". As has been the custom the last few weeks we will continue with the Lore edition of fails until I run out of interesting people to do it on or you all get bored of it. This week we are back to the Horde and will have everyone's favourite leading lady as the subject.

You Fail At Sylvanas Windrunner Lore If...
  • You did not know she is also refered to as the Banshee Queen
  • You were not aware she has two sisters Alleria her older and Vereesa her younger
  • You didn't know she is the former Ranger General of Silvermoon
  • You live under a rock and didn't know Arthas raised her to be Undead when he finally was able to kill her
  • You didn't know she was instrumental in bringing the Blood Elves to join the Horde
  • You were not aware her Brother in Law is Rhonin the Leader of the Kirin Tor
  • You did not know she allied herself with Dreadlords in an attempt to kill Arthas
  • You also did not know she forced Varimathras to "kill" Balnazzar in front of her to prove his loyalty.
  • You were not aware that she was killed by Lord Godfery and resurected by Val'kyr
  • You didn't know she called her people the "Forsaken" becasue she believed they were forsaken by humanity
  •  You didn't know she finds out about the truce between Koltira and Thassarian in Andorthal and sends Koltira somwhere to "fix" his weakness
  • You were not aware that she believes the Alliance have no claims at all for Lodaeron
and finally
  • You didn't know the Val'kyr now serve her
There you have it this week's edition of Fail. Hope you got at least something out of it. Cannot forget the quote as promised probably her most famous of all

"We are the Forsaken. We will slaughter anyone who stands in our way."

Good luck in your last non nerfed reset!


  1. how about you fail if you didn't know she is the only NPC to have her model changed more than twice

  2. I love that quote completely the reason I play an undead