Monday, September 26, 2011

Explorer Timelapse

Monday! You know that day that you dread its existence. Yes it is that day again, but don't feel too bad because it is Machinima Monday! You know the day of the week where I showcase a machinima made from someone in the WoW community to brighten up your day. Now let me first say this is a very different type of machinima than I normally showcase. No it is not a Blood Elf rap video. This is a machinima using a technique known as timelaspe. Basically you take a series of pictures or in this case screenshots and then cycle them into the video. The reason this works so well in WoW is because there is always so much going on in each and every zone. So not only does this machinima showcase the game and its zones, but you can also play guess that zone while it is all flowing across the screen. The creater Mdaabil gave some fun facts about the video and here they are

  • A total of 88 zones are shown in random order.
  • Over 100,000 screenshots taken.
  • Screenshots saved in nearly 950 folders
  • More than 100 GB of space consumed.
  • Around 900 scenes were captured. Only 164 scenes used.
  • It took only few seconds to few minutes to capture most of those scenes.
So without you waiting any longer here it is(be sure to watch it in HD)


  1. That wqas truly a site to see. Different kind of video but still very good