Wednesday, September 28, 2011

PTR Model Farming

So yes 4.3 was just released on the PTR. There has been a lot of great information that you can go check out on MMO Champion but there is just one thing I want to talk about concerning the models. So for those don't know anything about Queen Azshara. Let me give you give you WoW Pedia's background on her

"Queen Azshara was born with golden eyes, which were quite rare in night elves before the Great Sundering. Thus, golden eyes were commonly regarded as a sign of future greatness. Indeed, Azshara became the most beloved monarch in all of night elf history. She was widely considered the most beautiful of night elves and swiftly became the most beloved monarch in night elf history. Strong-willed, manipulative, and incomparably beautiful, Azshara possessed far more magical talent than almost any other night elf."

Couple things to note here golden eyes and incomparably beautiful. I understand beauty is in the eyes of the one looking, but I think we can all agree that many comtain a natural beauty. Now let me she you the model that Blizzard has given Azshara.

So there is nothing special about this at all, and it doesn't even have golden eyes. I know many are thinking this is just Gauss being a Lore nut, but it isn't even that. This is Blizzard things need to be way they are. Now many are probably thinking this is just a placeholder model, but I doubt this since it is different than any other Night Elf model in terms of detail. Really though it is what the night elf female model would look like if it was revamped.

Like after reading that excerpt is this the picture you get? Now what frustrates me even more is the fact that they took more time into Tyrande's model. Was this done on purpose? This was Blizzard's perfect attempt to showcase what in all likely hood will be the big baddie for the next expansion. Now she will be in Naga form then, but maybe then they can give her the right eye colour and make her look different then every other female naga.

Looking at Tyrande's model do you understand my rant? Her is my question and really it is a simple one. If I didn't tell you that was Azshara would you have guessed it was? I can tell you I wouldn't have, but then I know that Azshara has golden eyes and not many may, so I am asking this seriously. I am actually happy with the way they did Tyrande's model I am actually happy with all the back in time models. When something is done wrong it just irks me to no end. It is like when there is a spot on my computer screen and I must clear it. I am just not going to leave it there. Maybe it is because I am some what of a perfectionist. When I saw the screenshot of the Well of Eternity has I was disappointed it wasn't the size that I always picture it, but that was just my interpretation being wrong it wasn't the fact that it was done incorrect on purpose. So I don't know maybe I am just taking this all to seriously and should expect mistakes. Hell this is why red shirt guy exists in Ironforge right. This isn't that bad though thinking someone was dead, this is a disregard to facts.


  1. You have a VERY good point about the golden eyes! Especially because golden eyes in Night Elf culture isn't just a random thing, but an indication of someone fated to play a major role in their society/history. It's an interesting lack of detail...I'll be curious to see if it goes live this way!

    As for the models, I'm actually not upset by the overly decorative appearance of Tyrande compared to Azshara. I could definitely envision a culture where all of Azshara's subjects wore crazy amounts of jewellery and fancy clothes in an effort to emulate her beauty, while Azshara herself was already so far above them that she wore simple but elegant clothes. Her outfit is perhaps a little TOO simple, mind you, but that was what I thought of when I saw Tyrande's fancy getup.

    Great thoughts on these two models!

  2. Hell I think Tyrande looks hotter