Friday, September 16, 2011

Oh Where Oh Where Will Deathwing Be

Friday! Ah yes, so close to the weekend we are. The weekend where we can sit back and enjoy NHL training camps start up on Saturday, and my Maple Leafs will be ready to kick some ass. That's right Leafs rule the Canadians suck and the Senators blow more than the hookers on Hollywood Blvd. So anyways, let's get back to the topic at hand. Friday means it is time for the Reader Post you know that post of the week where you all send in your responses to the topic I gave you. This week I had you all send in your thoughts on the announcement that Deathwing's raid is going to take place over all of Azeroth starting at Wyrmrest Temple. So what did you all have to say?

I think this is an amazing idea. Especially the Wyrmrest temple opening. It makes it epic that all the Dragonflights will be there to help you take him down. Even more epic that you will not achieve that goal with all of them there! What better way to make Deathwing look like the biggest baddie of them all!

I am hoping for the part of the raid that you are on his back. Is played out like he is setting ablaze to certain zones. So if you "fall off" you die in the fire that he set to the zone. So there really is no tank you are just holding on trying to break off some of his plates so he will land and you can face him for the final stage of the battle. Maybe I am just dreaming, but this just sounds cool.

Why don't we just go back in time and tell the dragons to never create the demon soul, and assinate him. Better yet why don't we fail at killing him a bunch of times then for the final stage we go talk to Noz and say "Hey bitch send us back so we can bust a cap in his ass". Maybe this is anti lore but it does have the whole IN YOUR FACE sort of reaction.

Dumb really how can something like this be instanced if it is everywhere. I am not going to be impressed if we have to go to all areas of the globe just to enter an instance for one encounter. Can you imagine how dumb this would be? Thinking of a raid tier where there is like 8 Maly instances. This is what this will become how stupid of Blizzard to think of such a stupid idea.

As long as the last place you fight him will be at the "Cow Level" I will be eternally happy. Other than that I don't care. I just see him landing there saying "THERE IS NO COW LEVEL!!!!!!!!!!!"

There you have it. That is all for this week. Thank you all for the submissions as always they are needed to make this post what it is. If you are interested in partaking in next week's post look for the topic during Sunday`s Ask Gauss. Enjoy your weekend everyone!


  1. what is this cow level thing and where does it come from? Also epic comment about the sens