Friday, September 2, 2011

Darkmoon Faire Island

Friday! The last day before the long weekend. The day that seems to go by so slow because all you want is your weekend to begin. With this the last long weekend of summer and to the people close to Toronto know this is the last weekend of the CNE(Canadian National Exhibition) isn't the idea of the Reader Post being what you all think of the Darkmoon Faire Island the perfect topic. Yes, I know I thought so too. So let's see what everyone has had to say about it shall we.

The Darkmoon Faire Island reminds me of the old werewolf and horror movies with gypsy camps/carnivals appearing in spooky woodlands. I'm really looking forward to see what lurks in the woods at night on Darkmoon Faire Island!

Purple architecture. Misty, shady environment and attitudes. ...This can only mean one thing. Chucky Cheese has invaded World of Warcraft.

Here is a random shot in the dark theory, that I don't even believe myself: Darkmoon Island is on Pandaria. The Pandaren are stuck in the Emerald Dream/Nightmare, and one of the old gods is responsible. If you walk into the woods, the old god starts to drive you insane, giving a sanity alternate power bar, which has different effects when you reach different levels, such as randomly running in fear and cowering. 

Being the geography lover, I was immediately curious as to the position of this island. Unfortunately, that information was not revealed. However, from the images provided, the environment appears similar to what we see on Tol Barad. Of course, the atmosphere of the new Faire is merely intended to appear "dark" and the Tol Barad terrain and infrastructure was the best thing to fit. However, it is my opinion that Darkmoon Island might be one of the Channel Islands off the southern coast of Hillsbrad. This island chain was used during WCII for some of the naval missions and early working maps of WoW show place them within the same area of Kul Tiras, Crestfall, and Tol Barad.

With the thing that it says is like Gurubashi arena it sound like there will be 30 people in a free for all scenario in which case i think almost every time the healer will win because they can outlast that or classes like paladins and druids who can be a dps class yet still heal themselves whenever need be. If this is the case it will be extremely disappointing for warriors and all classes alike that will never win.

I am disappointed there is no mention of a roller coaster. What kind of amusement park has no roller coaster? 

There you have it. This week's edition of the Reader Post. Thank you all for the submissions. To let you all know there will not be an Ask Gauss this week, and that does not mean I ignored your questions it just means there will be a special post tomorrow instead of the regular Sunday Post. This will be the post where I will announce next week's Reader Post topic.

Enjoy your weekend. Especially if it is a long one like mine will be.


  1. I never thought the faire could have something sinister going on... sounds interesting indeed

  2. If it is dark, I hope it's really dark, as in old-WoW-had to carry a torch-dark, not psuedo dark like zones are now.

  3. Cool perspectives!

    No idea how I hadn't fallen across this blog before! Was just re-reading an older post of mine related to the Darkmoon Faire (my own version) which you might want to check out:

    Anyway, subscribed now and going to have a look around,

    - Jamin