Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Will Deathwing Be Redeemed

So lately with 4.3 announced and that Deathwing's raid will be included I have been getting many questions regarding The Destroyer himself and if he will end up being redeemed and return to his past glory. To answer this I believe we have to think a bit about it.

Now in Warcraft history we have heard a lot about Neltharion and how he was this great black wrym before being driven mad by the Old Gods. Now this is just it. In every instance we have encountered Deathwing games, novels, and whatever else he has always been corrupted already or in the midst of being corrupted(War of the Ancients Trilogy). So my point of this is besides stories of the past within these mediums we have no base of what Deathwing was before he was corrupted by the Old Gods. So it would be hard to do something like Arthas and his Father to the point where it was not forced. Also Arthas corruption was over a few years, Deathwings is over 10,000 years and I just think he is way too far gone to even begin thinking about redemption.

I think we will kill him and get this grand speech about how the world is and what his vision of it was and what was to come, and who was pulling his strings. This will make us think about everything that was really planned and what we should be scared of in the future, that being the next expansion. So no redemption for Death Incarnate he is just going to be going out with a bang.


  1. I agree no need for making it all nice and pretty. Let him go out screaming and giving away all the Old Gods secrets

  2. I don't want him redeemed. We didn't redeem his kids. They were spit and vinegar when they died. Their father should be worse.

    I know redemption is a powerful way to tug at heartstrings, but sometimes, particularly in a world where people aren't what they seem and we've seen many shades of gray, we don't need to have things tied up in a nice package. It's okay to have a villain be bad, period. The Redemption of Joseph Redpath was something extraordinary, but he was not a boss figure.

    I don't really consider Arthas redeemed. I consider Arthas dead. In redemption, I think the person redeemed needs to have some sort of moment of enlightenment when they realize what they have done and fervently wish they hadn't done it. I don't see that with either Arthas or Deathwing. They wanted power. They got power and with that power comes a high price.


  3. By Arthas being redeemed I meant if you looked at the items from the Shadowmourne quest line and the fact the he speaks directly to his father and asks if "it" is over. It makes you truly think that was Arthas in that moment and not the Lich King. I just cannot see them doing the same sort of thing with Deathwing it just wouldn't fly with me at all and I don't think it is really possible