Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Kor'kron

So recently WoW Insider did a Know Your Lore piece on the Kor'kron. Now the Kor'kron are a special group of elite Horde soldiers, which are lead by the man above High Overlord Saurfang. They are special because they have renounced their clans and now serve the position of Warchief not the person. So no matter who the Warchief is they serve them. So whatever it is be it Thralls purpose to peace or Hellscream's pursuit of militarism they follow the Warchief. This lead me to an interesting point.

What happens if the Kor'kron decides they don't like who is Warchief? What happens if they use their position which is supposed to be above the political system to in fact be the political position and they choose the Warchief? This has precedence believe it or not well not in Warcraft but in Roman history. The Praetorian Guard of Ancient Rome which eventually went from being the protector of the Roman Emperor to replacing the emperor when they didn't like him, or was bribed to overthrow an emperor in favor of the person bribing them. The Praetorian guard was put in to act exactly like the Kor'kron who knows they could even be based off them. Metzen is the only one who could confirm that.

So this got me thinking. Remember what Saurfang said in Warsong Hold in Borean Tundra?

"I won't let you take us down that dark path again, young Hellscream. I'll kill you myself before that day comes..."

Now Thrall was Warchief at the time, but Garrosh was acting in his name so the Kor'kron were expected to follow his orders because it was the will of the Warchief. He was ready then, who knows maybe if things ever get bad enough we will see Saurfang make good on his words.


  1. I never thought to think of them doing such a thing. I actually don't believe our Saurfang is capable of such a thing.

  2. I think Garrosh would have to drink demon blood to get Saurfang ticked off enough to do something.

  3. Very interesting thought. You know patches and major plot points and expansions aren't made in a vacuum. I envision somewhere in Blizzard's HQ there is a white board with story arcs sketched across it. As they work their way across the board, things get checked off. Positioning horde and alliance for the potential of civil war? Done. (Dwarves have their uneasy triumvirate ruling in IF.)