Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ask Gauss

Sunday, the last day of the weekend time for us to all be disappointed that this is our last day to sleep in before it is back to all things normal tomorrow. Sunday also as always is going to be time for the Ask Gauss post. The post where I get to answer your questions right here. If you are unaware for some reason or another you can send in your questions by clicking on the link on the top right of the page or you can just email them to So time to get to it.

So I understand the concept of nerfing content when new content is released, but before? What is your opinion on this?

Well I actually think they are jumping the gun way too soon on this 4.3 is not even on the PTR. From a progression point I don't think it matters because at this point the races for world firsts are over. The race for the achievements is over. So in regards to progression this means nothing besides people that haven't been able to down bosses are now able to. This is I think is the point of it, but by nerfing the content this early I think this will create bad habits for those who have beaten it, which is the last thing you want before a new tier is created. You want your raiders to be on the top of their game not standing in things, or moving too slow. So this is why I am against it, and I think it will be a serious problem.

What are your opinions on the already released previews of the tier 13?

I really like them actually. The Warrior tier is the first tier I really like this expansion. The others were not awful they just were on the ok to good range. This new one is on the epic scale. One that I think in the future people will chose to transmog back to, which in Blizzard's mind and the artists should be a plus. I think the Shaman is probably the best looking shaman tier that there ever has been. I love the look and feel of it and the small details just make the set. It looks even more amazing when you see it next to the previous tiers. Whomever were the artists who designed it I think should be commended.

Do you think Diablo's concept of account gold will ever happen in WoW?

Sadly I think no, but let's run with this.

There you have it everyone. Questions answered for the week. For those waiting for it next week's Reader Post is going to be about your thoughts on Diablo's account wide gold storage being put into WoW. Do you think it would happen? What would be the pros and cons of such a process? As always you have until Thursday night to get your submissions in. Enjoy what is left of your weekend!


  1. Agreed the shaman tier looks great! I cant believe some people have been complaining how it looks stupid.

  2. I think Blizzard has been nerfing from the start of patch 4.2.
    A group capable of doing normal Tier 11 raid instances, ending at average ilevel 359, had a hard time doing the first bosses of Firelands.
    But you also had the Molten Front. And with dedication, you could buy ilevel 378 gear, normal Tier 12 raid level.
    The non-hardcore raid guild were really helped by this gear, essentially making the bosses easier because of better gear obtained.
    Of course the same argumentation goes for Tier 11 and Tol Barad.
    I don't mind. My group would never killed the first bosses of the Firelands without that gear.