Tuesday, September 20, 2011

You Fail At Deathwing Lore If...

Tuesday! Happy Fail Day everyone! You guessed it, it's time to see what you know or what you don't. And if you don't then you should feel horrible about yourself. I am going to be continuing on with the Lore fails, but I won't be switching back to Alliance this week. With all the information about 4.3 coming out I decided this is the perfect opportunity to see how much you may fail at Deathwing Lore. So let's just see how bad.

You Fail At Deathwing Lore If...

  • You did not know his real name is Neltharion
  • You were not aware that he was grant his power as an Aspect by the titan named Khaz'goroth
  • You didn't know Malygos was his closest friend before maddness took him over
  • You did not know the Old Gods were the ones who convinced Deathwing to create the Dragon Soul during the War of the Ancients
  • You didn't know that Deathwing destroied almost all of the Blue Dragonflight the first time he used the Dragon Soul
  • You were not aware that the armor plates that Deathwing wears are what keeps his body from falling apart
  • You did not know that the Dragon Soul was renamed the Demon Soul because of what it was doing to Deathwing
  • You didn't know that only Deathwing or a scale of his had the power to destroy the Demon Soul
  • You were not aware that when Korialstrasz was sent back in time during the War of the Ancients he tried to stop the creation of the Dragon Soul only to be muted by Deathwing during the process
  • You didn't know that his two most famous children are Nefarian and Onyxia
  • You didn't know that Blades Edge Mountains is the location where a lot of the Black Dragons were killed by the Gronns. This is why you see many dragon corpses piercing the spikes throughout the region
  • You were not aware that Gruul fought Deathwing and lost and lived to tell the tale. But did gain the title "Dragon Killer" for all of the children of Deathwing he did slain.
  • You some how were not aware that he is utterly insane and even with that will use manipulation tatics to get what he wants.
And finally
  • You didn't know in the future of the world that Deathwing wishes he does not even survive it.
There it is this week's edtion of Fail. Hope you you don't fail that bad. As you have had a whole expansion to learn all there is to learn about poor Deathwing. For the Deathwing quote I will choose one of my favourites of his, but of all the characters in Warcraft he has some of the best.

"You know me... but I do not know you. You would speak against me... make the others see me as you do... you would have them distrust their comrade of old... their brother... You will not be allowed to spread any of your malicious falsehoods..."

Good luck on this the first nerfed reset!

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  1. regardless of how evil he is Deathwing is still the best character in all of the games lore