Wednesday, February 5, 2014

And Now, The True Contest Begins!

Middle of the week got here fast didn't it? Well at least for myself. What does one do here in Gauss land on hump day? Well we make a list and cause people to angry at one another for no reason because such and such didn't make the list. Since we are less than a week till the release of Lightning Returns I thought we would do a Final Fantasy list. Not characters or anything like that but a list which shows off my favourite summons from the games history. So let's do this thing

5. Anima

A powerful yet quite disturbing looking summon. Like most powerful summons in Final Fantasy games it was tough to find and fun to battle yourself against. Once you had it in your arsenal though Yuna became and even bigger threat. When Final Fantasy X finally comes out in HD this is something I am really looking forward to seeing.

4. Odin

Odin has been in many Final Fantasy games over the years and I would think is a favourite of many. My favourite version of him is from Final Fantasy 8 and not just because of the whole palace of problems you had to go through to get him but because he saved your ass so many times. I don't know how many times I prayed for him to come and kill Malboros for me

3. Zodiac

Not only is Zodiac one of my favourite summons it happens to be one of the best visuals I may have ever seen in Final Fantasy. I talk about Anima and how I cannot wait to see it in HD glory this is in a whole category in its own. In addition I would rate the boss fight to get this as easily in my top 5 hardest boss fights in Final Fantasy history. Goes without saying I was glad this was done with when I finally got it.

2.  Gilgamesh

Yes he has been in many Final Fantasy and yes he started out as a joke character. His latest iteration though is my favourite. Not only because he was one hell of a boss fight not only because who he was but how well he was done. You could see the effort put into it for the fans. Then of course being able to use him is a whole different matter. He is just fun and that's what games are supposed to be right?

1. Knights Of The Round

Probably the single most dominating summon ever made. Especially considering you can also mod it to go off more than once. I don't think we will see a summon which is this dominating again but then again to get this you needed a Golden Chocobo which was no small feat in itself. Watch the video just to get them feels back.

There you have it my Favourite summons from Final Fantasy. Have some you like adn I missed let me know.


  1. The worst part about Chocobo breading was when you got the right color and the wrong sex happened. Used to drive me insane.

  2. I am assuming Ifirit and Shiva were thought to be on your list. Even Bahamut. I no problem with these selections as long as you did so on the particular summon and not their whole existence throughout the games. If you did I think this list would be rather different.

  3. All of the FFXII summons were so visually awesome. I never was able to defeat Zodiac so props to you sir for doing so. I have though watched videos of that epic summon and I know exactly what you are saying