Friday, February 28, 2014

Concerns Of Many

So myself like many people enjoy playing Hearthstone. I for one never thought it would be a game I would enjoy playing, but I do for whatever reason. The game has been in beta for awhile and even has been in Open Beta for quite some time now. There has been talk about what exactly is going on with the game. Sure it is just starting out and has a smaller team but the questions are still there. This brings me to this week's Reader Post by Traja who is voicing the concerns of many.

Lot's of people believe in Hearthstone (i'm one of them), some of us decided to support the game by investing some money in it, others made websites, hosted tournaments and helped greatly the game by supporting the community.

I know the game is in open Beta yet i'm concerned about what will happen after the release date, i think that it's time for Blizzard to be more open about what kind of support ( in terms of periodic content update) we can expect from them for the future of the game?

Since they are hiring staff for the game it definitely sounds like they are committed to it. I'd like to know what kind of expansion schedule they have planned as well. If it's longer than 6 months between expansions I think a lot of folks will lose interest. Many of the players who have tested since the beginning are already posting that they are getting bored. So I think they will need at minimum 2 expansions per year, and 3 would be even better.

Also important to know would be their plans for set rotation. Will they rotate old sets out of ranked/arena play eventually? Or will all cards from all sets always be available? There would probably need to be a lot of rebalancing of old cards interacting with the new cards for that to work.

This is a concern, because Blizzard has always been a very slow developer, and they have been slow this time around as well. Card games require more frequent expansions than most other genres. I have high hopes for the game just hope Blizzard doesn't let me down.

Thanks to Traja and everyone else who sent something in. As always this wouldn't be possible without you. Have a good weekend everyone!

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  1. Makes a good point though. There are so few cards now that when you get to the higher ranks pretty much everyone is playing the same deck with maybe at most 1-2 cards different. I love the game but if this goes on when it goes live and if it stays like this people will get bored very fast.