Saturday, February 8, 2014

"If Only This Fight Was Over Oranges."

Gauss & Safiree 
Mostly Epic Adventures, because Safiree was there.

Happy Saturday everyone :) Hope your weeks were fantastic. Gauss and I have played World of Warcraft officially again for a month now. :) We have had nothing but good experiences. We've been welcomed back by old friends, resuming play as if we never left. It's nice.

The other day, we did the first part of The Siege of Orgrimmar for the week, and Gauss was like "It would be nice if this part was a naval battle. They don't seem to have any naval battles in this game", and I was like "Yes the fuck they do, Gunship in ICC is a naval battle." And then he was like "Omg Amber you are so retarded, *laughs* the ships were built to fly over Icecrown." And then I was like "Yeah, but technically it is a naval battle because they are ships. Whether they are in the water or not they are a naval unit." And then he was like, "I dare you to open a ticket to Blizzard and ask a GM what they think." And I was like, Challenge Accepted.

Now, I posted this on our Facebook page as soon as I got the response to my ticket. It may be small, but if you go to the facebook page it's there and easy to read but it definitely says "Gunship is a naval battle" Biggest smile i've had on my face all day. HAHA I WIN. That really never happens. Oh and don't judge me by my UI. lol it works ok?

Now, here comes the sad part. Unfortunately, Real life has been very cruel to me. Going through alot at the moment and it will hinder my being able to post to you guys and gals every Saturday. So it will be goodbye for NOW. But I will return as soon as I get everything sorted out. You guys have been really good to me, with my noobish attempt at being a blogger. Thanks for the support and the love. Means the world to me. Hope all your Saturdays will be fantasticker then the last. :)

lol and don't mind my terrible grammar above with "And I was like" 5000 times. Legit no other way I couldn't described it.


  1. haha nice prove him wrong.

    Also this is sad I am going to miss your Saturday ramblings

  2. Will miss you. Don't be gone too long.

  3. Thanks. Both of you. Sending so much love your ways :)