Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Last day of the weekend and the day Canada plays its next Hockey game. Have you been following the Olympics thus far? Being Canadian it is pretty much the thing to do, especially hockey. Everyone stops to watch the game no matter what they are doing something truly Canadian I guess. Anyways, though before heading off and watching the game how about I answer some of the questions sent to me this week.

Hoe does Lightning Returns compare with the other FFXIII titles?

Honestly I think it may be the best of the 3. I haven't completed it yet probably will today but I just find the battle mechanics make this game great. The story while a little confusing at some points(although purposely) has been something I have actually enjoyed much more than I thought I would. Their is some voice acting which has made me shake my head but when everything is voiced in game I always find this ends up being the case. The most important thing I have been impressed with so far has been the difficulty. Now the game isn't brutally hard but it isn't easy and this is something which to me is often overlooked nowadays.

Did you see that Heroes of the Storm might to preparing to head to beta?

From what I saw. It looked like it was moving out of Blizzard Employee alp. So I think this leads me to believe there might be a Friends and family alpha before we see a beta but you never know. Also keep in mind there will probably be a friends and family beta before the closed beta. Now I am excited to play this game as I think it has a ton of potential but I realistically don't see a beta happening until after Reaper of Souls is released.

Coolest thing you have seen this week?

This was added to the WoW Fan Art section think it is pretty awesome.

There you go questions answered for the week. Enjoy what is left of your weekend!

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  1. There has been much hate going around of Lightning Returns you plan on saying something about it?